Merry Christmas!

A World of Good Wishes. One of the real joys this holiday season is the opportunity to say thank you and wish you the very best for the new year.

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Golf App for Country Clubs and Professional Organizations

Smart phone membership directory

Make your life easier! Put your golf organization’s members, committees and calendar of events all together in one spot on everyone’s smart phone. Nothing complicated with the EZ Member Directory app – just click buttons and links to get contact information, find out who is in charge of what event, and know what is happening and when – all on your smart phone in one easy app. This is now made possible by the EZ Member Directory app. The two videos on the right explain how it works.

A handy membership directory for groups and organizations – on your cell phone.

membership directory




Almost everyone belongs to some sort of group, club, business organization, church, etc. – whether it’s social, civic or even your work related. it is pretty handy to have your member’s names all in one easy-to-use directory, with their photos and contact information – all on your smart phone!
At your place of work you could have a sales force, managers, regional offices or special committees types of subdirectories. Any type of member-based club could benefit from better communication between its members.

Check out the website for more info:

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Miss Connecticut wins Miss USA contest and an EZ Member Directory in Las Vegas!

Miss USA pageant winner

Miss USA Erin Brady of Connecticut



Erin Brady of South Glastonbury, Conn., won the beauty pageant Sunday night after strutting in a white sparkly gown and answering a question about the U.S. Supreme Court‘s decision upholding widespread DNA tests. Asked if she agreed with the decision to swab the cheeks of arrestees, Brady said ” I do, since they had committed crimes after all.”

As Brady was crowned, she could be seen mouthing “Oh my God, oh my God” with tears in her eyes. As Miss USA, Brady gets the crown and a New York apartment for one year and a free creation of the EZ Member Directory for her and the other Miss USA contestants, all the pretty girls in one handy directory on their phones – and hopefully soon! (They will still need to purchase and download the app for their smart phones).

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Raise money – add sponsors to your phone membership directory…

Need to raise money, or reward sponsors of your organization?

It’s easy with the EZ Member Directory app! Just create a subdirectory like you see below so that members can easily find your sponsors. With sponsors on your member’s phones, they will be more than just a “thank you” sponsor, they will have a page to advertise their business.

raise money with sponsors of PTOs

Having a sponsor page on member’s phones adds so much more value for an advertiser than just being in a printed event program – sponsors have on-going exposure to potential customers. That said, members are not solicited nor interrupted by sponsor’s advertising – members choose to click a sponsor’s ad page in the subdirectory to read their message.

For more information about this unique membership directory app for a smart phone, click EZ Member Directory, or call us at 727.392.6325.

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Best PTO / PTA Member Directory app

Make your life easier! Put your PTO / PTA organization’s members, committees and calendar of events all together in one spot on your phone. Nothing complicated with the EZ Member Directory app – just click buttons and links to get contact information, find out who is in charge of what committee, and know what is happening and when – on your smart phone. Check out this elementary school PTO and note how well organized they are.   This is now made possible by the EZ Member Directory app.

PTO PTA Membership

Create groups within your organization to find people and events quick and easy.


Note that each committee has its own listing and within that listing is contact information.

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How to create a mobile membership directory with calendar…

Put a calendar of your club’s events on your phone.

CalendarJust add an EZ Member subdirectory that links to your club’s event calendar, and EZ Member Directory merges that with your phone directory contact information to provide you with a calendar with hot-links like in the image on the right.

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